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About us

High quality is not a matter of coincidence – this has been our motto from the very beginning.


RUBBER-TRAFO started out as a family company back in 2002.

Leon Krakowski, having over 40 years of experience in the transformer field, was the founder of this family business and has always tried to make sure that the quality of its products always meets the highest standards.

We have started from producing round seals for ABB Sp. z o. o. in Lodz. Being a supplier and contractor for ABB means that the company has to undergo regular audits, which guarantees high quality standards such as: repeatability, meeting deadlines and keeping contracts in terms of the quality of the product itself. All of the above are met while abiding by the rules of regulations concerning the work safety and environmental protection.

With time, our offer has been expanded to include different kinds of seals, isolation components made to order from prespan and elcon such as:

  • insulating details,
  • potential rings for HV winding (corpus),
  • oil guards for cooling windings,
  • cooling ducts for magnetic core,
  • insulations kits for winding,
  • insulation tubes for HV bushing,
  • angle rings for winding coils,


( You can find photos/images of these products in the “our offer” tab)

We guarantee to our customers the highest quality of our products, solid precision with custom made elements and keeping contract terms.

In order to fulfill the above, our company has adapted an innovative management system based of the principles of Lean Management. It has allowed us to improve our efficiency, quality of our products, our work organization, warehousing system as well as reduce logistic problems of waste.

Furthermore some of the machines that we use were custom made to enable us to meet specific orders of our clients.

In order to keep up with the high demand of the top transformer manufacturers in Poland and abroad we are constantly trying to further improve and develop our company. We invest in the newest machinery and specialized equipment, which allows us to ensure top quality of the product and meeting any demand.

   Our care is supplemented with products and details with different characteristics and specification than ours manufactured from transformer sheets, prespan and elcon by our child company LABA-TRAFO. Their offer is available at

We look forward to our cooperation.

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